Speaker at TEDxLondonBusinessSchool 2018

Paddy Scott

"The Authenticity Paradox: Who am I when I’m changing?”

A member of the Royal Photographic Society and a Fellow of the Royal Geographical Society, Paddy Scott is a photographer, cameraman and filmmaker. Paddy is adept at working in hostile places, having twice reached the South Pole, filmed climbing expeditions in the Himalayas, and paddled up the Amazon. Paddy’s photography has been credited with numerous awards, including most recently a finalist in the 2017 Wildlife Photographer of the Year Awards at the Natural History Museum.

Humanity’s Effect on Our Planet’s “Permanent” Landscapes

What effect is humanity having on our planet’s most “permanent” landscapes? Paddy will relate his experiences as an award-winning landscape photographer paying witness to the dichotomy of landscapes appearing untouchable and yet truly changing at an alarming pace. We pay the effects little mind because to us, they appear quite slow, when truly in geological terms they are happening in the blink of an eye. Paddy will explore the landscapes of Antarctica, Patagonia, Iceland, and more through the photographer’s lens and will talk about the challenges these landscapes are facing in light of growing human pressures and global warming.

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