Owase Jeelani

"Tools and inventions in the medical field from a neurosurgeon who separates conjoined twins."

Dr Owase Jeelani is a world-renowned paediatric neurosurgeon, inventor, entrepreneur, and philanthropist. Time Magazine ranked him as among the top 100 surgeons in the UK in 2011. He specializes in craniofacial reconstructive surgery, craniopagus separation surgery, and surgery for brain tumours, being Head of the Department of Neurosurgery at Great Ormond Street Hospital for Children from 2012 to 2018. He is also the founder of Gemini Untwined, a global charity dedicated to the research and treatment of complex craniofacial and neurosurgical conditions. He received international recognition for separating craniopagus twins Safa and Marwa in 2019 (BBC News coverage of Safa and Marwa ranked as the 6th most read news item globally in 2019).

Lies, biases, and predictions

Dr Owase teaches us to deconstruct the impossible and overcome the biases in our mental decision trees.

Owase Jeelani is a world renowned paediatric neurosurgeon, inventor, entrepreneur and philanthropist. His work has featured in over 200 articles and programmes on Al Jazeera, BBC, CNN, FT, New York Times and The Times amongst others with one BBC feature ranking as the 6th most widely read article for 2019, globally. Owase’s journey through life, medical school, law school and business school and the consilience from these experiences has enabled him to push boundaries - surgical, technological, geopolitical and entrepreneurial. Owase has taught in and treated patients from over 100 countries, set up Gemini Untwined, a global charity focussed on improving outcomes for craniopagus twins and Klay Biotech, a digital platform for making surgery safer, more efficient and patient centric. Underpinning all these endeavours is his focus on utilising facts and addressing biases to improve predictions – “the better one gets at predicting the future, the luckier you become”.

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