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Oliver Double

"Why stand-up is more theatrical than theatre."

Oliver Double is Reader in Drama at the University of Kent. Before becoming an academic he worked as a stand-up comedian on the national comedy circuit, and set up the Last Laugh, Sheffield’s longest running comedy club. He continues to perform occasionally, and also as compere of the Funny Rabbit Comedy Club. He has written a number of books, and helped to establish the British Stand-Up Comedy Archive, based at Kent’s Templeman Library. He presents a podcast about this archive, called A History of Comedy in Several Objects. His latest book Alternative Comedy: 1979 and the Reinvention of British Stand-Up was published 2020.

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Is stand-up comedy a form of theatre or a different art altogether? Is it possible that it's even more theatrical than theatre itself?

Oliver Double, a Reader in Drama and Head of Comedy at the University of Kent and stand-up comedian showcases what his research and experience say about the blurred lines between Stand-up Comedy and Theatre.

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