Georgina Sturge

"Bad Data"

Georgina Sturge is a statistician at the House of Commons Library, which is the research service to the UK Parliament. She is part of a team that advises Members of Parliament from all parties on the use of statistics, and which carries out research for them in preparation for debates and other Parliamentary work.

Her recent book, Bad Data: How Governments, Politicians and the Rest of Us Get Misled by Numbers (2022), shows where governments past and recent have come unstuck because they relied on flawed numerical data. She writes about how we can take a more critical approach to using numbers in an age in which data plays an increasingly powerful role.

Georgina studied at the University of Oxford, the United Nations University and the University of Maastricht. She is an adviser to the Office for National Statistics and the University of Oxford’s Migration Observatory. Before her work in the UK Parliament, she had a career as a primary researcher in the field of global development and carried out data collection through large-scale surveys in several countries.

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