Catherine Loveday

"The Power of Music."

Catherine Loveday is a graduate of the University of Westminster (formerly PCL). She began her career with a PhD in the neuropsychology of memory and ageing, supervised by Alan Parkin (University of Sussex) & Brenda Walter (University of Westminster) and continues to focus on the nature of normal and impaired memory. Catherine is an active member of the BPS, as Chair of the Psychologist Digest Editorial Advisory Committee and a member of the Research Board. She has a passion for public engagement with science and is regularly invited to give public lectures at festivals, community events and in schools. Catherine is author of “The Secret World of the Brain” and frequently appears as an expert psychologist on BBC Radio 4’s All In The MInd, as well as many other radio and television programmes.

The Power of Music

What songs would you take with you to a desert island? Have you ever wondered why for some songs, you only need to listen to 1 second of it to immediately identify it? Even if it isn't a song you consider a favorite? Have you noticed how important music is to you, and how connected it is to your memories, relationships and experiences?

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