TEDxLondonBusinessSchool 2023: Program

10:00 AM Registration
11:00 AM Session 1:
     Ferren Gipson How I Made An Art Museum
     John Mullins On Being – Or Becoming – Entrepreneurial
     Cameron Hepburn How Solving The Climate Crisis Will Make Us Richer
     Georges El Khoury Diaspora Mobilization
12:45 PM Lunch Break
1:45 PM Session 2:
      Keegan Flynn Performance
      Phil Bloomer A Clean Energy Future
      Tobenna Osuala Relationships and Communication
      Georgina Sturge What’s So Dangerous About Bad Data?
      Keily Blair Owning It – Reimaging Social Media
Coffee break
3:45 PM Session 3:
      Sabrina Parker Performance
      Spandana Palaypu The Power Of Collaboration
      Rob Percival The Meat Paradox
      Lynda Gratton Redesigning Your Work Is Important Because:
      Rangle Punjab De Performance
5:00 PM Cocktail