The Team


Alison Shen

Co-President, MBA2021 Candidate at London Business School

Alison was born and raised in China. She is passionate about medicine and has a master’s in Medical Virology. As for work, she was engaged in international business development in the healthcare industry and co-founded Marvel Stone Healthcare, a high-tech medical device company in China. In her free time, she is an avid animal lover, yoga practitioner, and world traveler.

Juliana Zero

Co-President, MBA2021 Candidate at London Business School

Juliana is passionate about addressing issues, especially social ones, in pragmatic and sustainable ways. At LBS, she is also Co-President of SIIF – the Student Impact Investing Fund. She loves cooking vegetarian food for herself, friends and family, discovering new places/bands/songs and discussing ideas and perspectives. She is Brazilian, has a bachelor’s in Industrial Engineering and worked in management consulting prior to MBA.

Speakers Team

Andrew Hadad

Team Lead, MBA2021 Candidate at London Business School

Prior to LBS, Andrew worked as a Management Consultant in San Francisco then founded two businesses in his home country of Trinidad and Tobago. As a native islander, Andrew loves everything nature – the sea, sand, sun, and especially the forest. In addition to being a TED enthusiast, Andrew is a hiker, a musician and a health and fitness nut.

Beth Faus

Team Member, MBA2021 Candidate at London Business School

Prior to LBS, Beth worked as a Management Consultant in Madrid for almost 3 years, then moved to an alternative investment fund manager, in her home town, Barcelona, investing in venture capital and real estate. In her free time, Beth enjoys travelling, dancing, skiing and all sorts of outdoor activities.

Ani Keshishyan

Team Member, MiM2020 Candidate at London Business School

Ani is a passionate learner who believes in the motto: where there’s a will there’s a way. With a background in sustainable development serving as a project assistant at the United Nations Development Programme, Ani looks forward to the next big opportunity to create impact in the World.

Duarte Rosa

Team Member, MBA2021 Candidate at London Business School

Born and raised in Portugal, Duarte worked there as Lawyer for over 3 years after finishing his bachelor’s in Law. After that he lived in Madrid and Paris, where he worked as a project manager, before moving to London to start his MBA at London Business School. Duarte has a passion for travelling and trying out new things, whether it is a different dish or bungee-jumping into a river.

Jiabo Wan

Team Member, MBA2021 Candidate at London Business School

Before MBA, Jiabo grew up and received education in Shanghai, majoring in Accounting and Finance and having been a management consultant specialized in digital transformation for 4 years. He is passionate about helping companies drive sustainable growth and positive social impact. In his leisure time, Jiabo enjoys photography, singing, reading, and exchanging with people from all over the world. Jiabo’s favorite TED talk is The Power of Vulnerability.

Communications Team

Anshika Agarwal

Team Lead, MBA2021 Candidate at London Business School

Anshika is from Jaipur, India. She has studied at University of Delhi and LSE. Anshika has work experience in affordable housing in her family business firm. In her free time, Anshika likes travelling, pilates, swimming and watching TED talks. One of her favourite TED talks is East vs. West – the myths that mystify by Devdutt Patnaik.

Fernanda Guinsburg Mendes

Team Member, MBA2021 Candidate at London Business School

Born and raised in Sao Paulo, Fernanda spent the last six years working in private equity in Latin America.

Veronica Yin

Team Member, MFA2020 Candidate at London Business School

Veronica was born and raised in Chengdu, China, home to pandas. She did her bachelor’s at the University of Hong Kong. Professionally, Veronica has a wide range of exposure: private equity, consulting, equity research, and marketing. When not working, you could find her doing yoga, meditating, swimming, travelling, baking, and petting her favorite puppy.

Sumin Lee

Team Member, MAM2020 Candidate at London Business School

Sumin grew up her whole life in South Korea before becoming a university student and she started travelling all over the world when she finally became 20 years old. Backpacking 5 months in Latin America and spending a semester in Barcelona made her interested in global business. She came to LBS dreaming about making people more open-minded and that is also the reason why she joined the TEDxLondonBusinessSchool team.

Operations Team

Abdulelah Alrifi

Team Lead, MBA2021 Candidate at London Business School

Abdulelah is from Saudi Arabia and he has a degree in Industrial Engineering from Purdue University. Before joining LBS, he worked in the oil & gas industry for 5 years, specifically in manpower optimization and maintenance. Abdulelah is passionate about learning and is always interested in new topics.

Rohun Gujral

Team Member, MBA2021 Candidate at London Business School

Prior to LBS, Rohun lived in New York and spent 3 years at Disney & ESPM working in business strategy. In his free time, Rohun enjoys traveling, playing sports and exploring new restaurants.

Pawel Stach

Team Member & Treasurer, MFA2020 Candidate at London Business School

Prior to LBS, Pawel worked in investment banking for almost 1 year. He loves technology, medicine and social dances.

Hugo Palengat

Team Member, MBA2021 Candidate at London Business School

Born and raised in London, Hugo spent four years in consulting prior to joining LBS.

Sponsorship Team

Hani Elwan

Team Lead, MBA2021 Candidate at London Business School

Prior to his MBA, Hani practiced as a Doctor in the UK. He completed his undergraduate medical degree in Egypt, in 2011, and became Member of the Royal College of Surgeons of England in 2017. Hani published his work in peer reviewed journals, nationally represented UK junior doctors at the British Medical Association and served as president of the Medical Students’ Scientific Society in Egypt. Hani’s favourite TED talk is Brian Greene’s Making Sense of String Theory.

Cindy Liu

Team Member, MBA2021 Candidate at London Business School

Grew up and received education in Taiwan, Cindy worked as a project manager, specializing in digital transformation and process optimization, in the banking industry prior to LBS. Cindy is passionate about art, nature and food. During her leisure time, she enjoys visiting museums and galleries, exercising, and discovering good food.

Artemis Adamantopoulou

Team Member, MFA2020 Candidate at London Business School

Artemis was born and raised in Belgium and moved to London to pursue her undergraduate studies in Comparative Literature with Film at King’s College London. During her time at King’s she also undertook numerous internships within corporate finance. Artemis is an avid film and photography-buff and regularly enjoys going to independent performance gigs around London as well as creative writing.

Ankita Aggarwal

Team Member, MBA2021 Candidate at London Business School

During her undergrad, Ankita started an NGO to help the underprivileged in her city. She worked as an IT consultant at Deloitte and a project manager in her family’s construction firm where she redesigned business processes. Ankita loves to travel and started an Eco Backpackers Hostel in the mountains of India. She is motivated to work on environmentally sustainable business.

Licensee and Advisors

Jeff Skinner


Jeff Skinner heads the Institute of Innovation and Entrepreneurship at London Business School and is a Teaching Fellow at the School. His background is commercialisation of university technologies and, over 30 years, has helped many hundreds of researchers to bring their ideas to market. He chairs a couple of early stage seed funds.

Audrey Mandela


Audrey Mandela has been an advisor for TEDxLondonBusinessSchool for the past eight years. She is an entrepreneur, consultant, angel investor, board director for several tech start-ups and charities, and the chair of Women in Telecoms & Technology, a networking group. Audrey was Co-Founder of Multimap, one of the world’s leading online mapping providers. Multimap was acquired by Microsoft in 2007. She was previously Senior Vice President, International, for the Yankee Group.

Sean Phelan


Sean Phelan is a London-based entrepreneur and angel investor. He has backed over 25 UK-based start-ups and acted as an advisor and mentor to many more. Sean’s professional career followed a path that is typical to many high-tech entrepreneurs: an undergraduate degree in engineering, nine years as a software engineer, then an MBA followed by five years as a consultant in technology strategy.

Sean then started the internet mapping company as a bootstrap start-up in 1995. The company grew to be one of the ten most popular British web services with revenues of £12M and profits of £1M. In December 2007 the company was acquired by Microsoft, cementing its position in the ranks of Britain’s internet success stories. Sean formed to bring together his lifelong love of sailing and navigation with his experience with the internet and web-based technology. Through Multimap, Sean realised his vision of services based on the integration of navigation, wireless communications and the web. He is one of Europe’s original internet entrepreneurs, with a rare combination of business and technical skills. Sean holds an MBA from Institute Theseus, in Sophia Antipolis, France, and an engineering degree from the University of Sussex.